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by widd_ » 8 months ago

Welcome back to those of you who still remain in the land of the banned.


For those of you who play regularly or participate in Discord you may notice many changes have been applied to the server recently:

  • The reintroduction of the Enchanted Golden Apple crafting recipe (which was removed by Mojang some many versions ago)
  • The introduction of the title system
  • Better formatting in chat (using the hover elements when you mouse over text in messages)
  • Removal of all lingering chat restrictions (including the command spam limit)
  • A new command,  /first or /joindate, which is used to show the exact day and time you first joined ban land.


The title system is the largest change that requires some explanation:

By default, player names in chat look like they do in vanilla Minecraft (white colors). On ban land, you are able to earn "titles" (ranks or names for specific objectives) through things like achivements, play time, join date, and many other (possibly) obscure conditions.

When you earn a title, it can be one of 5 colors, or 4 qualities/rarities:

Rarity Common.svg

Uncommon (also comes in green)




The first one is Common (white). Easily obtained, and there will be a good number of these.

The second two, both being Uncommon (green or yellow), are usually equally difficult to obtain.

Rare and Epic (cyan and magenta) are both an order of magnitude more difficult or rare to obtain, each, in order (Epic being the highest quality).

There are technically titles without qualities assigned to them (that is, white titles). Currently the only one is "New Player", which all players have upon joining ban land.

Upon obtaining a title, it will be announced in chat to everyone on the server, and you will get a private message (only you can see) that shows what you accomplished to obtain that title, with every condition met denoted with a checked box. Afterwards, it will be applied to you automatically. Your name in chat will now be colored based on the quality/rarity of the title in question, and other players hovering over your name in the chat will see your title.

The simplest titles are "New Player" (mentioned above) and "Inhabitant" (a green Uncommon title). Inhabitant is granted to players who joined more than 14 days ago. There are at least 4 other titles currently obtainable that have varying qualities and conditions (some already obtained by actual players), and more will come later.

Currently only 1 title can be displayed at a time. It can be replaced by new ones if you earn them, however lower quality titles will not replace higher quality ones. In the future there will be a system introduced to choose which one you wish to display.

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