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An Update 20 days ago

Welcome back to those of you who still remain in the land of the banned.

ban land, in a nutshell


For those of you who play regularly or participate in Discord you may notice many changes have been applied to the server recently:

  • The reintroduction of the Enchanted Golden Apple crafting recipe (which was removed by Mojang some many versions ago)
  • The introduction of the title system
  • Better formatting in chat (using the hover elements when you mouse over text in messages)
  • Removal of all lingering chat restrictions (including the command spam limit)
  • A new command,  <stro... />

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Welcome about 1 month ago

Welcome everyone - this is the first public announcement.


I am your administrator, widd_.

This is the first of many posts and polls.

Stay tuned.



You can find our discord server at

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